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Staying Cool When You're Out and About

Staying Cool When Youre Out and About

It’s summertime and temperatures are heating up here in Williamsville. When you are at home at Renaissance Place Apartments, you can hibernate in your lovely, cool home or take a dip in the pool to cool down!  It’s a little different when you must be out and about in the New York heat, so today we’ve got six tips for keeping it cool when you must be out.

  1. Drink water. Staying hydrated is one of the most important tools in your arsenal for being comfortable in the summer heat. Take a water bottle with you and be sure to hydrate often.
  2. Wear loose-fitting, light-colored, lightweight summer clothing. Opt for natural fabrics like cotton or linen or the newer synthetic blends that are designed to wick away moisture to keep you cool.Plan ahead and stay inside during the warmest hours of the day, between about 10 am and 4 pm, if at all possible. If you can fit it in, a siesta sounds like a marvelous idea, too.
  3. Fans help. If you must be in a building or room that is overly warm, even a handheld fan can make a difference, so carry one with you. You can even try out those helicopter fans hats!
  4. Seek the green. Grass, trees, and shade all work together to bring the temperature down enough to feel a difference. Stay in the shade as much as possible.
  5. Ice, ice, baby — seriously, ice can help. Keep pebbled ice in your freezer to eat for a quick cool down. You may also want to try freezing grapes for a cooling, tasty treat. Creamies, popsicles, and ice cream have the same effect.

Of course, you can always stop for ice cream when you are out and about because ice cream is always a great way to cool down. Yelp suggests these ice cream shops nearby. Big Sings Ice Cream is just 3.5 miles away, and a Friendly’s just over 3 miles away.

Next month we’ll share some recipes so you can make some homemade ice cream to celebrate National Ice Cream Month in July. Do you have some ideas about how to stay cool? Feel free to share in the comments.