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Keeping Little Ones Safe: Tips from Renaissance Place Apartments

A baby boy, laying with arms outstretched on a blue background with the roofline of a house shape formed of cotton above him.

Having a baby is an exciting adventure, but keeping him or her safe is a full-time job! The Renaissance Place Apartments Blog is sharing a few tips to review on this important topic. We know your focus is on keeping your baby safe in or out of your Williamsville, NY apartment. 

Learn first-aid.

Accidents happen and emergencies arise, even when we do all that we can to prevent them. Help yourself avoid the panic of not knowing what to do in an emergency by knowing basic infant first-aid. Refer to this comprehensive, illustrated guide for infant first-aid for choking and CPR. Have phone numbers for Poison Control, your doctor, or an emergency contact readily available so you have someone on-hand to help you. It can make all the difference!

Childproof your home.

This is a basic tip, but one that bears repeating. Your apartment is a comfortable place for you to relax in, but sometimes with the accessories and furniture, it can be problematic for a child. The International Association for Child Safety has a few helpful infographics you can skim for 9 overlooked safety hazards in your home and the danger of TV tip-overs. As you’re thinking about the dangers in these references, also remember the placement of cords or any fragile items that can be easily tipped over, the importance of baby-proof electrical outlet covers, and the convenience of foam furniture corner covers to help prevent bumps and bruises.

Register your baby gear.

Baby Safety Month is sponsored annually (in September) by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, so it’s only natural that their focus is on increasing awareness of safety issues surrounding baby products and helping parents get them registered. The JPMA offers a few resources for parents, retailers, and manufacturers for important safety tips and information

We hope these tips have been helpful to you. Share your own baby safety tips with the rest of our apartment community by leaving a comment on this post. 

PS: Take a few minutes to review our blog post about playground etiquette before you head out to our Toddler Playground or Activity Zone Playground. Thanks for taking the time to read our post!