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Playground Etiquette

Children sliding down slide on a playground


Welcome back to the Renaissance Place Apartments Blog! Your beautiful apartment is a great place to spend your days, but be sure to also get out and about and enjoy the sunshine here in Williamsville, NY. We have a few amenities to help you do so, including our Toddler Playground and Activity Zone Playground, which are a perfect spot for stretching your legs and bonding with your little ones. While you’re there, don’t forget these tips for a fun and successful visit.


Stay aware.

You may not be in the middle of the action on the playground, so it’s easy to get bored and to turn to your phone or a book to stay entertained. However, this can make it easier for preventable problems to go under your radar. So stay aware of where people are, what they’re doing, and how others are reacting to the actions of those under your care so you can promote safe behavior and intervene promptly when necessary. If you’re bored, interact with other adults in the area or push your kid on the swing to mix things up and better foster a good environment.


Come prepared.

If you’re taking a child to the play area, be sure to know their habits and what sorts of needs they may need to be filled at the playground. Remember that all sorts of accidents can happen when kids are letting go and having fun, so take along a playground survival kit filled with disinfectant wipes, band-aids, a roll of gauze, and a bag for trash, just in case. Having what you need on hand can help you confidently react to adverse situations, which helps soothe the child, too.


You can also stay prepared by having a water bottle and even a small bag of snacks on hand so neither of you gets dehydrated. Just clean up your messes and don’t flaunt snacks around other curious kids.


Practice avoiding playground tussles.

Getting along with others using the playground is an important way for you and your child can avoid getting hurt. Encourage them to have fun, respect others’ space, and be kind while they do! Help them have fun without engaging in horseplay or roughhousing too much, as those sorts of play can encourage accidents.


What other playground etiquette tips would you add to our list? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading. We hope keeping these ideas in mind helps everyone have a great time at our community’s playground