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Homemade Ice Cream - Yum

Homemade Ice Cream  Yum!

Last month we promised that in July we would share some homemade ice cream recipes for National Ice Cream Month, and here they are! So take advantage of your wonderful Renaissance Place Apartments kitchen, and try one — or all of these recipes this month! Our granite countertops are perfect for mixing extras into your ice cream, with an easy clean up too.

We’re starting off our list with this No Churn Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream from Minimalist Baker. This quick and creamy treat doesn’t require an ice cream maker and only takes thirty minutes to make. Rich and refreshing, it really does hit the spot.

This is a very luscious coconut ice cream. The only thing I will do differently next time is put the flaked coconut in the blender/processor with the milk and cream of coconut. The flakes made the ice cream a bit chewy in texture. Otherwise, this recipe is very easy and extra creamy. For those reviewers that are saying theirs turned out icy or not sweet, there is a huge difference between cream of coconut and coconut milk. It is like the difference between evaporated milk and sweetened condensed milk. Two brands to look for in cream of coconut are "Coco Lopez" and "Coco Colada".

Any excuse to visit our local farmer’s market is a good excuse, and this No Churn Blackberry Chip Ice Cream from How Sweet It Is is the perfect reason to visit a farmer’s market or your favorite Williamsville area supermarket. Mix the creamy ice cream base with fresh berries and dark chocolate, freeze for six hours, and enjoy.

This recipe, Strawberry Cheesecake Easy Ice Cream from Something Swanky, uses easy pre-made ingredients to make some seriously mind-blowing ice cream. The base is pretty standard — in fact, you could use it to make any number of flavors. For this recipe, you use store-bought strawberry filling and cream cheese to make the “cake” part of the mixture and Golden Oreo® cookies to make the crust. Mix it all together and freeze overnight for a treat as fresh, light, and breezy as a summer’s night.

What is your favorite kind of ice cream? Did you try one of these or more of these? What was your favorite? We hope you enjoy celebrating National Ice Cream month here in Williamsville, NY! Thanks for reading today’s blog post.