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Choosing to Live Smoke Free at Renaissance Place Apartments

Renaissance Place Apartments Blog, Williamsville, NY  Take a look at the benefits of living in our smoke free buildings; plus we have info on how to quit.

Welcome back to the Renaissance Place Apartments Blog! March is here and that means spring is just around the corner, heralding new life all around that we can see in the trees, flowers, and other plants. Members of our apartment community in Williamsville, NY also have the opportunity to take a new lease on life by choosing to live in one of our smoke-free buildings, just one of the amenities we offer to our residents. Today in our post, we are taking a look at the benefits of smoke-free living.


Benefits of Smoke-Free Living

  • Decreasing the odds for at-risk people, including children, of developing asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, and ear infections.
  • Promoting healthier lungs and hearts.
  • Ensuring that family, guests, pets, and apartment staff will all find the air more pleasant to breathe.
  • Reducing the risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
  • Contributing to creating a greener community, city, and country.

Some long-term benefits garnered from quitting smoking are a reduced risk of cancer, lung disease, and heart disease. According to the National Cancer Institute, “people who quit smoking before the age of 40 reduce their chance of dying prematurely from smoking-related diseases by about 90%, and those who quit by age 45-54 reduce their chance of dying prematurely by about two-thirds.” That’s definitely something worth thinking about and perhaps acting on.


Smoke Cessation Programs


While some of our residents enjoy smoking (and there is nothing wrong with that), we understand there are some who are trying to quit, so we’ve rounded up some resources that may help.


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention

This is basically an index of resources from a variety of avenues, including help from former smokers to sites who focus on women, military personnel, and materials in Spanish, just to name a few.  

Additional helpful sites:


The American Cancer Society — Guide to quitting smoking.


The American Heart Association — Information and support to help you quit smoking.


The American Lung Association — Resources to help smokers figure out their reasons for quitting.


We appreciate all of the members of our apartment community! We hope this information is helpful to our residents. Thanks for taking time to read today. Stay tuned for our posts next month when we bring you more about Renaissance Place Apartment living.



  • Prudence DiPiazza

    This is a very good idea for smokers and non- smokers to be cognizant of the effects of smoking on everyone's health. The list of sources listed for information is benefical to all.

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