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What to Wear to Combat Summer Heat

Renaissance Place Apartments Blog, Williamsville, NY  A blog post about what to wear to stay cool when you're out and about in the New York summer heat

Last time, we shared some peach-inspired recipes to help with cooling down this summer at Renaissance Place Apartments. This time around, we’re switching gears from what to eat to what to wear. Stay cool when you’re out and about in the New York summer heat with these fashion tips.


The power of natural fibers.

Cotton, linen, and wool are the best known natural fibers, and there’s a good reason they are recommended for summer wear — the breathe. Which means the heat isn’t trapped against your skin the way it is with many synthetics. Exceptions to the go with natural fibers guideline include clothing made of fabrics that are specifically engineered to wick away sweat. Investing in summer wardrobe pieces may be worth the price.


Light colors, flowing designs.

It’s no secret that black and other dark hues absorb the heat. So during the warm summer months wear lighter colors with a loose fit that allows for air flow. When you can do it, shorts and capris noticeably decrease the heat factor.


Be smart with your accessories.

In addition to being a fashion statement, hats with brims bring with them a welcome bit of shade, and they keep the sun off your head. Sunglasses both accessorize and protect your eyes.


Stay cool.

Though not something you wear, a few other tips for staying cool include drinking plenty of water throughout the day include staying inside during the hottest part of the day, using a personal fan or cooling neck wrap, and seeking the shade and grassy areas when you’re out and about in Williamsville.


Of course, one of the best ways to beat the heat is to simply stay inside your Renaissance Place apartment which is nice and cool — but when you must venture out into the New York summer heat, following these tips can help you keep your cool!