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Traveling for the Holidays

a set of luggage inside an airport with window overlooking an airplane taking off in the sunset

Welcome back to the Renaissance Place Apartments Blog. We are excited this month to share some tips for traveling during the holidays with members of our apartment community here in Williamsville, NY. Our post today is focused on tips for traveling via air (but many of them are suitable for road trips as well). Whether you are traveling this month or next, keep these pointers in mind as you prepare to travel.

Tips for Traveling from Renaissance Place Apartments

Make a Checklist

The last thing you want to do is leave behind something important when you’re going on a trip — especially documentation. Make a checklist a week before you go. Add items as you remember things you need, and cross them off your list as you pack.

Cash — It’s a good idea to bring cash in varying amounts so you can tip, buy something at the airport, and for emergencies. Put cash in several different places, so you won’t be caught without means in an emergency situation.

Device for Audio or Ebooks — Whether you use a Kindle, Nook, or your smartphone, having something to read is a huge plus. Be sure to download the books you want to read/listen to onto your device before you leave home, and make sure your device is fully charged too.

Phone & Charger — Along with these, bring an extra charger and sound-blocking earbuds — all are definitely necessary when flying.

Water Bottle — Dehydration happens when you fly. Be sure to take a water bottle with you (empty it before you go through security). Because you never know what the water will taste like in the airport, choosing a water bottle that has a built-in filter is a smart move. The blog writer recommends CamelBak Groove, saying, “the filter in the Groove helps make my water tasty!”

Snacks — It’s a given that the snacks the airline provides may not be enough to get you through the waiting time in the airport and the flight, so take your own snacks. Keep in mind the messiness factor, how much space they will take, and how easy they are to open. Healthy options are a plus, and be sure to include some protein. Bringing your own snacks is typically less expensive than purchasing airport food. If you’re going to be needing a meal during your airport wait, pack it up in a collapsible or disposable container, to conserve space.

If you will be preparing a special Thanksgiving dish once you arrive at your destination, be sure to bring the recipe with you or take a picture so you’ll have it on your phone! What are your favorite holiday travel tips and traditions? What do you focus on as you travel and once you arrive? Leave your holiday travel tips with the rest of the apartment community in the comments! Thanks for reading our post today. Happy Thanksgiving!