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Tips and Resources for Pet Owners at Renaissance Place Apartments

A cat and a dog happily sitting together.

One of the perks of living at Renaissance Place Apartments is that we are a pet-friendly apartment community. With that in mind, we would like to share some tips for apartment living for dogs and their owners in today’s blog post.

Tips for Pet Owners

Establish a routine. Animals are smart and can adapt to apartment living. Having a routine makes it easier on your pet. Set times for potty breaks, chow time, walking, and playing can all be included. Routines make your pet feel comfortable and help prevent accidents.

Be a considerate neighbor, and clean up promptly after your pet. Be sure to dispose of pet refuse appropriately.

Bring the outside indoors. If your pet is particularly fond of plants, give them their very own to play with. Cats are notorious for eating plants, but some can be toxic. Check out this list of non-toxic plants, and definitely become familiar with this list of common houseplants that are toxic to pets.

Neighbors don’t appreciate constant barking, which is one thing dog owners often come up against. If you have a dog who tends to bark all the time, try these ideas from the Humane Society to solve the problem.

View our complete Pet Policy by clicking on the Paw Icon found on the left side of the amenities page.

Resources for Pet Owners

Here at Renaissance Place Apartments, we do provide an on-site dog park, but when you want to venture further afield check out this information on dog parks in the Williamsville, NY area from Yelp.  

This is a good place to start looking at options for dog trainers if you have been thinking about doing a training class with your dog.

Also, check out Bark Box for your pet. It’s a subscription service that provides a variety of high-quality dog products delivered to you each month. Check out the Bark Box Facebook page to get an idea of what you can expect.

Where are your favorite places to take your pet to socialize? Please share in the comments so we can all benefit. Thanks for reading the Renaissance Place Apartments blog post today. We hope you enjoy time with your pet this month.