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Making the Most of Your Renaissance Place Apartments Storage Unit

stack of moving boxes

Renaissance Place offers walk-in closets at our apartments, and many of our apartments also come with attached storage, another perk among the many
amenities we offer to members of our community. Today we have tips for how to organize your storage area so you can get to what you need when you need it without going through multiple boxes every time you need just one thing from storage.

  • Use uniform boxes/containers as much as possible in your storage unit. Doing this allows you to pack thing in more efficiently, meaning you can fit more into the available space. Whether that’s boxes or totes, look for a container that is sturdy.

  • Categorize your storage items. Typically things that you store fall into one of these categories: seasonal items, travel/camping supplies, holiday items, kids toys, tools, supplies for hobbies, sports equipment, papers, memorabilia, and everything else. The key to storing all of these things is to do it in an organized manner so you can find what you need when you need it. Come up with a system to designate different categories, and group them together in storage when you can.

  • Label your containers. This is an essential part of having an effective storage plan. Put a unique number on each box or container for ease in identifying what is in the box. Along with labeling, when you are filling the containers put similar things together — winter mittens and summer swim toys need to be in separate boxes, for example. If you currently have a jumbled mass of boxes of odds and ends it will be worth the time to sort through and repack and label your containers.

  • Make a master content list and post it in your storage unit. It takes time to create a detailed list of the contents in each box, but when you need to find a specific item quickly, it proves its value. Print out custom labels for your boxes to make it even easier to identify what you’ve got.

  • Plan how to organize your storage unit. One idea is to put furniture and other odd-sized items on one side and stack your (uniformly sized) boxes on the other. Leave a center aisle if possible. If you can’t, place easily moveable items there. Group your boxes by content, with like things together. Consider color coding your boxes so you can tell at a glance what is where.


We hope these tips for organizing your storage unit at Renaissance Place Apartments is helpful! Let us know your favorite hacks for organizing in the comments. Have a great month here in Williamsville, an awesome city in western New York!