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Let’s Go Fly a Kite

A girl flying a kite on a windy, cloudy day.

July in Williamsville means plenty of warm summer days, perfect for flying a kite! We have rounded up some resources, for members of our community here at Renaissance Place Apartments, with ideas for a few different ways that you can build your own kite. Head to your favorite craft store here to get all the materials you will need to make one of these kites (or simply purchase a kite) and head to the nearest open field on a windy afternoon soon!

Let’s Go Fly a Kite

Kite Flying is the perfect summer activity to get you outdoors and having some fun! Head to a local park or nearby field to test out your homemade kite. 

The World’s Best Handmade Kite 

This kite claims to be the world’s best when it comes to the category of homemade kites. Follow the instructions that come from Handmade Charlotte to make your very own version of the world’s best handmade kite. You will need the following supplies: wax paper, bamboo sticks, tissue paper, copy paper, crepe paper or paper streamers, 20m twine, a small keyring, scissors, measuring tape, a pencil, PVA glue, a glue stick, a q-tip, a bottle cap, a toothpick, and a roll of tape. 

Two-Step Homemade Kite

This fairly straight-forward tutorial from Good Housekeeping provides directions to make a simple diamond-shaped kite. To create it, you will need clear contact paper, a ball of string, straws, tissue paper, scissors and ribbon. 

Delta Kite

This step-by-step tutorial from My Best Kite shows you how to make a delta kit. A delta kite looks a lot like a flat bomber-style airplane. To make this kite, you will need the following supplies: 12” bamboo skewers, electrical tape, clear sticky tape, colored plastic bags, dark garbage bags, fling line, wood glue, a ruler, a black pen or sharpie, scissors, and a calculator. You will also need a smooth surface to work on. 

How to Build and Fly a Box Kite

Box kites are a bit more complex to make but they fly higher than other kites and look awesome! Follow the step-by-step instructions from Boys’ Life Magazine to make this kite. You will need a pocket knife, pencil, scissors, fine-toothed saw, wooden dowels, straws, household string, carpenter’s glue, duct or masking tape, lightweight construction paper, and kite string. 

If you are looking for a group to fly kites with, check out the Great Lakes Kitefliers Society of Western New York. Have you ever made your own kite? What is your favorite type of kite? Share your ideas and your kite-building experience with us in the comments! Thanks for reading our post. Happy kite flying!