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Host a Barbeque at Renaissance Place

Pictured: Close up of vegetable shish kebobs and burgers on a grill.

May is National BBQ Month, and Renaissance Place Apartments makes celebrating easy! Head to our picnic area with charcoal grills to make the most of the warmer days just steps from your apartment in Williamsville, NY. Try these tips for throwing a successful barbeque for Memorial Day (or any day this month!).

Plan it out.

Having a set plan and even a bit of an agenda for the day of your barbeque will make planning and executing your ideas easier for you and more stress-free for your guests. Set a date now and reserve the area or find a time when it will most likely be free and clearly communicate your thoughts with your guests so they can have plenty of time to make time for it.


Whether you are inviting a few close friends or planning a big blowout, e-invitations make it easy. We like the variety you can find at Punchbowl. When you are doing the invitations is a good time to ask about food allergies and preferences. When you are planning your guest list, take care to make sure that everyone you invite will know a few other people who will be there.

Be creative with the food.

Juicy hamburgers and perfectly grilled hot dogs are always sure to hit the spot, but if you want to mix things up a bit, try any of these 22 unexpected foods to make on the grill. They are sure to please vegetarians and even those with the highest taste.

Comfort Items

Just as much as plates, napkins, silverware, and drinks shouldn’t be forgotten, items like blankets and bug repellant are must-haves if you’ll be eating outside — especially if you’ll be outside as the weather cools and the bugs come out. Pack them up as soon as possible so you don’t forget!

Plan a Few Activities

Activities are great for keeping the energy high when people are feeling lethargic from the heat and from being filled with good food. Plan a couple of activities for before or after the food is served. Games like Capture the Flag, Kick the Can, frisbee, or catch go over well and can be great ways to work off the food.

We hope you are able to take time out for a barbecue this month! Thanks for stopping by and reading our post today!