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Games for the Great Outdoors

Renaissance Place Apartments Blog, Williamsville, NY  Make the most of the warmer weather this summer by playing some or all five of these classic outdoor games.


Welcome back to the Renaissance Place Apartments Blog! In our last month’s post, we shared some tasty recipes for grilled cheese — we hope you were able to try some of them. Today, we’re offering suggestions for outdoor games for summertime fun. Try some of these games at your next barbecue or when you visit the park here in Williamsville, NY.

  • Quoits — Popular with soldiers in ancient Greece and Rome, quoits became one of the original five events in the Greek pentathlon. Since quoits requires little equipment, it became a favorite pastime among peasants during the Middle Ages. Did you know that it’s a staple of backyard barbecues, family gatherings, and camping trips? Played with rings and a stake, you’ll find Quoits very similar to horseshoes.

  • Croquet Croquet can be played by two or four players. The object of the game is to hit your ball through a course of six hoops in the correct sequence and then back, finishing by hitting them against the center peg. Whoever completes the course first wins. It is easily portable, which makes it perfect for taking along on a picnic at the park.

  • Tag Games — Who would think that running around chasing others could be so much fun? Take a step back to your childhood and get a group together to play a game of tag. We found this awesome resource that has three pages of tag game variations.

  • Bocce — Also called lawn bowling, bocce has been around for ages. This game is easily played in any grassy area. Players take turns bowling brightly colored balls in an attempt to get closest to the jack (marker) ball. Amazon has a variety of bocce games to choose from for purchase.

  • Giant Jenga — This classic stacking game goes outdoors. Having the right strategy is important, as well as Tetris skills. There are commercial varieties available, but if you are interested in building your own, Home Depot offers these easy to follow instructions.


We hope you enjoy trying out some of these games this summer! What are your favorite summer-time outdoor games? Share with our apartment community in the comments!