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DIY Holiday Tree Ideas

DIY Mini Christmas tree made with wooden dowels hung with ornaments

Build your own holiday tree as a fun way to switch things up and save money and space this year! Our Renaissance Place Apartments Blog has a few cool ideas for creative and unique alternatives to an actual tree for your apartment. Read on for inspiring ideas.

Photo Tree

Hang pictures on a wall so that they form the shape of a tree. You will be able to share your memories with guests and keep your focus on what matters most — the people you love in your life. Learn how to build your own photo tree from Oh Honestly.

Cardboard Tree

This tree gives you the freedom to make it as personalized to you as you’d like! Just get some cardboard, an Exacto-knife, glitter, paint, and other supplies you hope to decorate with and have at it. Running with the cardboard cutout idea, you could even make your tree out of a cardboard cutout of a person or celebrity if you already have one. Just stick a hat and some tinsel around it for a festive touch. Get full instructions from Chatelaine on how to make a cardboard tree.

Floating Christmas Tree

Save precious floor space by choosing a floating tree made from holiday ornaments. This tree is super modern and elegant and promotes a sophisticated atmosphere. Get a full tutorial from Not Martha.

Washi Tape Tree

Washi tape is already an invaluable tool for apartment living. Stock up on some rolls this season if you haven’t already (they may even come in your favorite colors for this time of year!). You can mimic the tree shapes shown in this Brit + Co article, or you can make one up yourself! We love the freedom that comes with this idea that takes up no space.

What other cool alternative tree ideas have you discovered? Share them with us in the comments. Thanks for reading. Have fun crafting and decorating your Renaissance Place apartment here in Williamsville, NY this month!