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Day Trip Tips

Renaissance Place Apartments Blog, Williamsville, NY  Get out of your apartment and explore the world around you with weekend day trips to local attractions. Think like a tourist!


Chances are you’ve had friends who are coming to town who have asked for recommendations for places to go and things to see while they are in the area, and you roll off a list of must-see attractions — but how long has it been since you’ve actually visited those places yourself? Or perhaps you’ve always been meaning to go, but never actually made it? Change that this summer by getting out of your apartment and enjoying some day trips right here in the Williamsville, NY area. We’ve got tips for doing day trips in today’s Renaissance Place Apartments Blog post.


Think Like a Tourist

Think of the list of places you suggest to visitors to the area. Choose one you haven’t visited for awhile or that is new to you. If none of those sound all that interesting, broaden your horizons and plan an overnight road trip a little further afield. Check out Airbnb or VRBO for accommodations. Get online and check out hours, admission costs, and other details. Plan your trip for a weekday if possible to avoid crowds and take advantage of possible lower rates. Read up before you go, so the visit will be more interesting once you get there.  


Take Advantage of Local Perks

Being a local has its advantages. Check with the venue you are interested in visiting to determine if they offer discounts for local residents. Knowing the area also has advantages including a knowledge of how long it will take to get where you’re going, and time-saving routes to use. Be sure to check for construction or other delays on your proposed route. Take the weather into consideration too while you are making plans as this may determine whether you visit an indoor or outdoor site.


Prepare in Advance

Plan ahead with water and snacks for the ride. Build some leisure time into your day just to relax — that’s the point, right? Read some reviews beforehand and make reservations at a favorite restaurant or try something new to you. Check public transportation schedules and find out if you can get a day or weekend pass or if you’ll be driving your car, get it serviced and clean it out several days before you are planning to leave. Be sure to take lots of pictures to remember your weekend adventure!


Do you know where you’re going to head first? If not, stay tuned, next time we’ll have some suggestions for places to visit that make an excellent day trip. Thanks for reading our post today.